Nov 29, 2010

November 29, 2010 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Hello!
There is sooooo much to tell you. I'll start off first by telling you about my thanksgiving.  We had no set appointments the day of thanksgiving except for dinner which was at the Bishop family's house.  If you don't remember they are the new converts, the first family Elder McMaster and I baptized on My mission.  Actually he did the baptizing but you know what I mean.  So because we had no set appointments Elder Chandia and i decided to do some work!  We went OYMing (OYM stands for open your mouth)  in the parking lot of the Food Lion which is like a foodland for an hour.  No luck there.  Then we went knocking for another hour and boy were the people not happy to have us interrupt their wonderful thanksgiving get togethers!  They weren't mean but they weren't happy. hehe  And then we OYMed again at another Food Lion close to where our dinner appointment was.  Finally it was time for our dinner appointment which took a while to put together, so we spent a lot of time just smelling all the deliciousness and dying of hunger! lol....But then we ate and it was sooooooooo delicious.  What did we eat you ask?  I have no idea but it was good.  I took some pictures and will send you some in the mail.  She had more dishes than I could remember and each was satisfying. We had planned to leave straight after dinner so we could find some people to teach but ended up staying the rest of the night with them.  They were struggling as new converts and we had many great conversations on problems they had come in contact with since being baptized.  It's sad sometime to see small things get in the way of someones growing testimony, but when a testimony in only in its beginning stages it can be easily destroyed.  So all in all our thanksgiving was wonderful.  But even with a wonderful thanksgiving I couldn't help imagine what it was that you all were eating!  I bet you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving feast as well!

These past few days were quite exhausting.  We have been helping people move in and out of the ward and have been doing service for less active members for the past three days.  To top it off we, ourselves, moved today.  We are still not finished moving and cleaning three years of left overs from elders past but we just had to take a break and write to you, our families.  Plus Elder Chandia was pouting all day cuz he hates moving (I think cleaning for that matter ;) ) and all he wanted to do was leave and email.  So finally, after watching him mope for hours I decided to give in!  LoL...I'm only kidding.  We have been working hard on leaving the Lewis' home as clean as possible.  We love them so much.  For the last 6 months they have been so awesome to us.  They have been housing missionaries for three years going on four and were sad to hear that we had to leave.  In fact, we asked sister Lewis to come down and help us figure out which is missionary stuff and which might be her stuff.  She kept saying she would come down and never did.  Finally she came down today and just broke down crying.  She felt like she was losing her son's.  She couldn't go through each thing without telling us the story behind it.  I'm really going to miss living in their house.  I dont think there will be any place better on the mission. And I am going to miss Brother and Sister Lewis.  It won't be the same just seeing them once a week as church.  hmmmmm.....sad.

On another, hopefully lighter note, I found out today that I'm staying in Mt. Airy for one more transfer which is another 6 weeks.  I've been pestering Elder Chandia soooo much he cried when he heard I was staying! LoL....only kidding again.  We work very very well together and I can't wait to baptized more and more people.  This transfer is going to be great!  I'm pretty sure that this will be my last transfer here with I wont mind at all.  Mt. Airy has become my home away from home, and if I can't spend the Holidays at home with my Family and friends then I'd rather spend it here with my ward family!  

Well that is all for now.  If you get a chance send some to me from the holidays or of anything.  I miss you all and love you with all my heart.  May God be with you till we meet again!

A hui hou,

Elder Watson!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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