Jun 28, 2010

A Letter From the President!

Dear Brother and Sister Watson:

Elder Jesse-James K. F. Watson arrived safely to the Maryland Baltimore Mission. We are so happy to have him here. This is a wonderful part of the Lord's vinyard with much work to be done to stengthen the wards, branches, and stakes.

This area is steeped in history. It was settled in the 1600's and made a strong contribution to the American Revolution. Annapolis was the seat of the Second Continental Congress. The property to build Washington D.C. was donated to the United States by Maryland. This was also a key area in the Civil War.

The Maryland Baltimore Mission was created 1 July 1994. The growth of the mission has been gradual over that period of time. Our mission covers the four stakes of central Maryland and one in Norther Virginia and one in Eastern West Virginia. A small percentage of our missionaries serve in the city of Baltimore. It is one of the Favorite places for most missionaries to serve.
Elder Watson started his mission in the Mount airy area. His trainer is Elder McMaster. His address is 3811 Boteler Road, Mt. Airy MD 21771. I trust their companionship will be rewarding to both. We hope they will work hard and live close to the spirit so they may be guided to those ready to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Warmest Regards,

A Brent Belliston President Maryland Baltimore Mission

Jun 21, 2010

First P-Day!

So It's my first Preperation day in the mish and it was absolutely amazing. We went hiking in the mountains early in the morning with the whole zone and then had personal study for an hour and bore testimonies. We hiked up to this spot that overlooked the area of which we are serving and it was absolutely beautiful. Then we entered into the wood to study and bare testimony. It was like being in the grove like the one Joseph Smith prayed in and seeing God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ except we couldn't see them, but we could definitely feel the Holy Ghost. I heard most Pdays aren't like this so I'm so greatful to have had this experience. My companion is just amazing. I can't wait for you all to meet him after the mission. I'm doing great here. There is never a day when we don't eat so I think I just might gain the weight I want! lol... Kay I'm out of time but I love you all! Please continue to keep in touch. Now that you have my home address please write to me there! I'll be waiting! A hui hou.

Elder Watson
3811 Boteler Rd
Mount Airy, MD 2177

Jun 17, 2010

Hello Baltimore!

Here is the latest from ElderWatson
"Hi everyone! I made it to Baltimore safe and sound last night. As soon as I exited out of the airport my district and I was greated with big hugs from the mission president, president Belliston, and his wife! There were four missionaries with them as well, one of them from hawaii. I love president and sister Belliston! They are great and loving. I feel like I'm in great hands with them. I am currently serving in Mount Airy in Maryland. My new companion's name is Elder McMaster from San Diego, Cali. He's soooo cool and has only been out for 5 months! It's a beautiful area up here and would love for you to come see it. We live in the basement of a Bro and Sis Louis' house. It's only Elder McMaster and I, no one else. It's a big place and I can't wait to get started! I'm hearing great stuff about the members out here and the investigators which we have so far. I can't wait to meet them all! There is so much love here and I just feel at home. I know this is where I need to be! There is soooo much more I would like to tell you but it this will suffice for now! I love all of you. Please know that I'm doing great here and am ready for the work! Look out for Elders Lodder and Solomon! They were in my distric in the MTC and are serving in Hawaii! They are great missionaries. Treat them well, feed them, and make sure they keep their mind of the work and that they don't slack around! There are many of our brothers and sisters ready to hear the gospel. This is our purpose: To bring souls unto Christ! I love you and will talk to you again soon...next week monday!

3 Week in the MTC!

Some exciting updates from Elder Watson! He has been called to be a district leader for his final week in the MTC. He says, "It's a daunting responsibility but I've felt the Lords guidance each time I prayerfully make decisions. I love each and every elder in my district and zone."

There are 10 Elders in Jesse's district with 8 going to Baltimore with him and 2 going to Hawaii! This week Elder Watson got to hear Elder Robert D Hales of the quorum of the 12 Apostles speak. Jesse said, "I really felt his power and authority when he challenged us."

Elder Watson has enjoyed his time at the MTC and will be departing for Baltimore Maryland on June 15th. Speaking of his time so far he wrote, "Well my exp

erience here is just amazing! I'm learning and gro

wing so much spiritually! I feel and can recogn

ize the spirit more easily! I'm soo happy to b

e doing the Lords work!"

Elder Watson in the Missionary Training Center

Here is an email we received from Jesse soon after he arrived at the Missionary Training Center:

"Hey Mom and Dad! Just wanna let you know that I'm here which of course you already know since you dropped me off. But everything is great. Everyone is great. I'm loving it and am really excited. As soon as we got in, they put us right to work learning things and I've already learned alot. Love you and I'll send another letter next week or so. We can only write once a week!. Alright. Love you guys and talk to you soon!"

Just wanted to share that with you! It was amazing seeing all the new missionaries being dropped off at the curb side that day. Yes, it is different now. You can't go into the building with them but we spent 10 fun filled days with him prior to the day he reported to the MTC buying his suit, shoes, etc and attending the Temple with him and Cody. Thank you for being there for him and all that you do for him....will keep you posted!