Apr 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

So I'm am doing great!!  This week has been fun with my new companion!  As you know I was released as a zone leader and called as district leader again.  It's been confusing trying to transition back to district leader.  I've been all scattered-brained. I've also been called to train my new companion!  His name is Elder Hibbard. He currently lives in Lugano, Switzerland which is the italian part so he does speak italian fluently.  He's originally from Iowa so he speaks perfect English too!  He's lots of fun.  He's going to be a great missionary as well.  I must say I wasn't expecting to train for my last transfer but I'm extremely excited that I am. It's so much fun!  Anywho, the week is going well and I'm excited for this week. We have the priviledge to go to a meeting in which Elder Bednar is talking on the 5th of May! So excited!!!  I'll let you know how that goes.  Love you all and talk to you laters!
Elder Watson

Apr 16, 2012

One more transfer!   Oh the mix emotions! So last week was just awesome and this week was so trying!!! As goes missionary work.  We have been working with such choice people but because of the wonderful gift of agency and also the work of destruction of the Devils part we are no longer teaching them.  It makes me soooooo livid to see the adversary win for a time! At least we know it's just for a time.  Eventually the Lords purposes will be fulfilled.  We continue to pray for these great individuals because we love them and wish for their well being.  I must admit it was tough for me!  The Lord really tested my faith, once again. When you think your faith is so strong he shows you exactly how strong you faith is and then helps you to make it stronger if you allow him to.  So many things were taught during this experience which lasted about three days but felt like three weeks! The Lord is wonderful!  The lessons learned really helped me to open my eyes a little more and understand others, allowing me to become more humble and compassionate towards other.  Slowly by slowly I am dealing with the trials that the Lord gives me better.  Learning from it rather than giving up.  All because of the gospel I am able to do this. 
So transfers is this wednesday and I will be staying in Monocacy, Frederick, MD for my final transfer.  I have been released as zone leader which is a big relief and have been made district leader again.  I'm really happy about that!  My companion, elder Hill is leaving, sadness but all for the best. I'm excited to see what will happen. but notwithstanding, we will tear it up!  Go Last Transfer!!!!
Elder Watson!

Apr 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

I just loved conference, what I caught anyway. We were with investigators most of the time and they and their kids were very distracting that we missed most of the talks.  kinda disappointing but worth the sacrifice for our investigators.  Can't wait till the issue of conference ensign comes out.  Haven't heard anything about our going home times and what not but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I find out.  I just may never get them...hmmm....wouldn't that be just great! hehe.  Work is going well.  We have another baptism coming up on the 21st of this month.  It's a family of three, Grandfather, daughter and grand-daughter.  But we are thinking only the grandfather will get baptized and we might have to push the daughter and grand-daughter back a bit.  The adversary has done a number on her and she hasn't been able to put the effort into really finding out this is true.  We'll see. Other than that all is well. Got bit by a squirrel but I'm okay.  Not going to die....I think.  At least that's what the doctor says.

Love ya and will talk to you laters!

Elder Watson