May 7, 2012

Meeting Elder Bednar

What an amazing week!  Highlight?!  Elder Bednar, a living apostle of the Lord.  This past Saturday we were invited to attend a tri-mission conference with Elder Bednar.  We were very lucky because orginially we weren't invited!  We must have really needed his instruction because I'm sure the Spirit told him to make an exception.  It was three hours long and it surely didn't feel long enough.  Bishop Causse (Sp?) and Elder Snow from the Quorum of the Seventy there as well as a few others that I wasn't very familiar with.  We learned so much I can't tell everything that happened but it is enough to say that it was like being instructed by Christ himself.  As the three hours came to the end I was overcome with sorrow because I knew he would be leaving soon.  I felt like the ancient american people at the time Christ came to visit.  (3 Nephi 17:5-6)
And it came to pass that when Jesus had thus spoken, he cast his eyes round about again on the multitude, and beheld they were ain tears, and did look steadfastly upon him as if they would ask him to tarry a little longer with them.
 And he said unto them: Behold, my bowels are filled with acompassion towards you.

I was hoping he would be filled with compassion toward us and stay a little longer. But if he had the work wouldnt get accomplished.  Everytime he spoke you could feel the spirit so strongly. You can just feel as he speaks that he is truly speaking the words of God. That everytime he talks it is by the spirit. Now there were times that he talked to share a story or two and you knew it was of him. But everytime he taught us a principle or doctrine the spirit was there to testify of it!  Also, it wasn't a  meeting in which we just sat and listened to him talk for three hours.  He assigned us to read a couple of talks and while at the meeting he asked us what stood out to us or what we learned from it.  As each person shared what they learned, he followed up with asking us if we applied them in our missionary work and how did it help us.  I really wish I could articulate how great the spirit was felt there but unfortunately I can't.   Anyway, Basically he taught us through example how to teach by the spirit and learn by the spirit.  One of the talks we read beforehand was about learning by faith and I would encourage each of you to read it when you get the chance. 

Anywho things are going great I love it still! I hope all is well. mom and dad do you happen to have any word yet from bishop whether or not he know's when I'll be talk or not?  Please let me know when you get the chance or if you happen to know it by sunday tell me over the phone. I love you all and will be seeing you soon!  Take care and love you!

Elder Watson

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