Jan 10, 2011

Transfer Time - January 10, 2011

So it's that time again....TRANSFERSSSSSS!  Boy do I hate when transfers come around.  It's soooo stressful and depressing thinking of all the horrible possibilities that may come.  But then it comes and things work out. 
So as for the verdict:
I, Elder Jesse-James Kamahaku Faraon Watson, am leaving.  Leaving my home in Mount Airy, MD.  As sad as I am to leave I know that where I will be will be wonderful.  I don't know where quite yet but speculations are saying that it may be in a place called Savage Mill.  I am also called to continue to serve as a District Leader and train.....again......ugh.  Nah, I'm excited to train again.  I loved training and have learned much from the experience. My companion, Elder Chandia is training as well.  Elder McMaster has been called to serve as Zone Leader and his current companion and trainee will be training as well.  It is an exciting time here in the Maryland Baltimore Mission.
 Alrightly, just wanted to keep you updated on ME. hehe. I love you all and will talk to you again soon!

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