Oct 3, 2011

The Bike Accident - October 3, 2011

How is everything?  I'm doing well.  I'm cold but don't worry, I have enough warm clothes and am doing just fine.  Funny thing happened to me this week.  So like I mentioned before I ride bike and it was saturday and our turn to ride bikes.  After the first session of conference we decided to stop by one of our investigators we have on date.  We haven't had the chance to see her all week and were starting to worry about her. Divinely inspired we went at the time we did because she had just gotten dropped off and was about to hope into her car and head off to work.  We got to stop her, talk to her a bit, and set up an appointment to meet with her.  Not knowing what to do with the rest of our time we decided to try by a less-active near by. The destination was on a slight down hill so we just cruised it down......until I squeezed on the brakes in a bit of a panic (for some odd reason I thought a parked car was going to hit me). My leg slipped off my pedal, got caught in the chain, flipped my bike so quickly I wasnt able to brace myself, and landed me on my side.  I skid for a few and then quickly got out from under my bike and sat there. My companion saw me laying with the bike on me and then rushed to my side.  For a good two whole minutes we just laughed,real hard, about the situation.  He help me get back up and I examined myself and found my self unhurt, only a little sore.  I did however find out I got a big cherry on the side of my left knee and my shirt very dirty, my knee swelled as well as my ankle.  My shoulder still bruised but all in all  doing just fine. LoL... Oh my goodness if you had been there you would still be laughing. I am!
This week was absolutely wonderful. I'll save my thoughts for next week but tell me which talk you all liked and why.  I have to review the talks again and get my thoughts together for next week!  Love you all and miss you alot.  Talk to you again soon!!!
Elder Watson

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