Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Oct 31, 2011

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween!!!  This is going to be an awkward day today but we'll make the best of it.  We had a great week with two baptisms, Patrick and Bintu Mbayoh!  They are just soooo amazing and their love and faith in God is incredible.  Patrick, earlier this week, has been feeling very ill.  He had a headache that just wouldn't go away so last sunday after church he went to the emergency.  The doctors ran tons of test and could find nothing wrong with him.  He decided to go to a friend for help and through the testing that they did his friend felt it might be neurological.  He made an appointment with the neurologist but in the mean time he'd have to endure the pain.  We visited him a couple times and gave him a blessing and then he rested the rest of the week.  We hadn't contacted him up to the day of baptism, this sat, so we weren't sure if he was feeling better or not.  But at 9:30am sharp he arrived with a big smile on his face and ready to jump in the water!  I thought, "Great, he made it!"  Later we found out that that morning had been the worst his headache had ever been.  He felt too sick get up and was a bit dizzy so he jumped back into bed.  But a dream that he had made him feel that he needed to be baptized.  He awoke, looked at the time and decided that if he was indeed going to get baptized today he needed to leave now!  He woke his wife and through headache, dizzyness, and with a determination to follow God he and his wife left without even taking a shower.  He said he didn't feel well but he had to do what the Lord asked him to do so that's why he was there!  They are so awesome and the baptism was beautiful.  There was a handful of people that came to give there support and the talks were perfect. 
I just love seeing people make that wonderful commitment. It always helps me to remember the covenants that I've made and gets me all pumped up again.  It feels like being in the temple which is great since we don't get to go there often.  I've also seen a difference in my studies again and my teaching.  The spirit has become even stronger.  I read moroni in the book of mormon today and there is just so many great things in there.  I was highlighting everything and making tons of notes.  I think I may have highlighted every single verse in Moroni! haha.  The Scriputres are just great.  Today is the last day of the month of October and I will be finished with the book of mormon once again, for the third time on the mission.  Tomorrow I will start it all over again and I can't wait.  I encourage each of you to read the Book of Mormon.  The Bible is great too and I sometimes find myself trying to look for a verse in the bible and end up reading a few chapters instead. But I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon because there is great power and knowledge in it.  It was saved to be brought about in our time for a reason.  As Joseph Smith said, we will get nearer to God by abiding by it's precepts than by any other book.  It is sooo true.  It's sole purpose is to bring us to the knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and each time I read it and apply the things that I learn as I read it, I truly come to understand my Saviour more and more and feel myself come closer to him.  So read the book of mormon, from the beginning, or continue where you left off.  Make it a habit to do it daily, whether for 1 minute, 5 minutes, or an hour. And when you read it take time to ponder on the things you read.  It is during the pondering that we ask questions for understanding, and then as we listen and pray about the things we learn that the spirit answers our prayers, gives us guidance and direction.  And as you follow the promptings of the spirit your mind will be opened and your view of things will change, becoming more like our heavenly fathers.  Things that would bother you will become small in unimportant.  All this takes time but time that would be well spent. True Happiness and Peace will enter more fully in your life and many other blessing you will experience. 
Okay, enough of that. I'm just so excited with all the things I've been able to learn from the scriptures.  We'll I hope all is well. I am doing great.  Freezing my okole off but It's all good.   I love each of you and hope you are doing great.  Let me know how things are and I look forward to that time.  I love you!
Elder Watson

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