Sep 19, 2011

Zone Leader! Sep 19, 2011

Oh my goodness! Can you believe its another transfer come and gone. I can never seem to keep track of time.  So great new and exciting adventures are ahead of us!  Elder Cragun is going to be training this next transfer after just two transfers. He is a great missionary and will do just awesome.  But that means that I must leave Berryville! :(  I am very sad about this fact but I will go will the Lord wants me to go!  I don't know where I'll be going but I do know that it will be with a Zone Leader....yep! I'm going to be a zone leader.  More responsibility and more stress. Also more chances to serve which will be the most favored part.  I hope and pray that I can develop the attributes needed to accomplish such a grand responsibility!  President is really working hard to get this mission into shape so that we can be the best that we can be.  There is a lot of work to be done but we are determined to do it with the Spirit of the Lord. 
We had a baptism this past friday and it went well.  Ron Frazier Jr got baptized and confirmed a member and received the holy ghost on sunday!  We are sooo excited for him. I'm sad that I have to baptize and leave but I know that he is in good hands now.  This past week has been a solemn week.  There have been many deaths and a few funerals we have attended.  Lots of teaching the Plan of Salvation.  Our bishop was number one in helping to console members and non-members, even those that we have been working with.  But friday, after leading a graveside service he finds out that his dad passes as well.  He is such a wonderful bishop with a heart of gold.  I've never seen a bishop give so much of himself to those who are in need. I was hoping to be able to stick around a little longer to be able to give the same service back but Elder Cragun will have to do it for me now.
So it's getting cold again!  I'm getting bad headaches from the changing of weather but all is well.  With the new season comes a new chapter in my mission life and I look forward to it.  I'm going to miss everyone here as I always end up doing but I pray that they will be in the Lords hands.  I've got to get a move on and pack up bags so I'll leave for now. Love you and see you next week!
Elder Jesse James Watson

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