Jan 23, 2012

Another Transfer - Jan 23, 2012

So it seems that my time in Annapolis is over!  I'll be getting transferred this coming wednesday.  Bitter sweet because I have seen so many miracles here in annapolis and met so many great people. I have grown much here as well but I am very happy to be able to be at Elder McMasters going home transfer!   That in itself is bitter sweet.  But like president belliston says, thank goodness this gospel is eternal!  I know I'll get to see him again!  Hopefully in Hawaii at my homecoming!  So please don't send any letters to the annapolis address.  Please let the kealas know as well.  If anyone wants to send anything please have them wait till I get my new address or send it to the mission office.  As time goes on it just gets harder and harder.  Mayber sadder and sadder is the proper term.  Everyone is going home and my time is getting short here.  Thats okay, In order for me to not be sad I just get more immersed in the work and everything gets better.  Alright! That's all for today. I love you and will talk to you soon. 
Elder watson.

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