Jul 12, 2010

Hau'oli la Hanau Elder Watson!

July 12, 2010 Letter from Elder Watson:

Hey everybody!!!
So my birthday was awesome for sure for sure. I sent you a letter explaining how my birthday went but I'll tell you right now as well. So first of all, my companion, Elder McMaster, cooked me a birthday breakfast! It was sooooo ono. It was an egg sufflet that containted bacon and mushrooms as well. It was a big pan and we just finished it off today. He's going to give me the recipe so I can make it for you guys when I get back. Then we went out and knocked on houses and visited our scheduled appointments. That part of the day didn't go over so well. We've had lots of people cancel our appointments and through all our knocking we didn't find any new investigators. Most would say it was an unsuccessful day, but I did get to talk to a few people and they accepted the Book of Mormon and read it. We didn't get a return appointment with them but it plants the seeds.

Elder McMaster feels that he might be leaving this coming transfer so he's giving me many opportunities to do things all by myself which I must say I have mixed feelings about! hehe. It's very intimidating doing things on your own but it helps me to learn and gain confidence in my self and in God. He is such a good trainer and if he does get transferred I will miss him terribly. Later that night we went to dinner at our bishops house. They were so funny. They coordinated with Elder McMaster what types of food I liked and dessert I would eat. So they made ono homemade pizza and we ate strawberry shortcake for dessert. You don't even know it was soooooooo good. I left full and satisfied. The shortcake was sooo delicious too. They were so awesome! I love my bishop and his family. they even decorated my chair with streamers. lol too funny. Anyway they took pictures and I'll send them as soon as I get a copy.

As for the over all of this week? It was kind of a bad week. We lost a lot of potential investigators and everyday somebody cancelled an appointment. When stuff like that happens its so frustrating and dissappointing. But my faith is not shaken. I know that I've worked really hard this week. I just have to start working smarter. Couple things we decided we would focus on to try to better our results is working more with setting up appointments ahead so we can get members to come with us to the appointments. We want to work on extending baptismal commitments on the first lesson so that they know what we expect of them and that no time is wasted if they don't want to be baptized. This week is going to be a better week I just know it.

Thank you sooo much for the box of goodies. I've already dived into them and it's effects are working as I type. LoL... Please thank all the young women for their letters of encouragement. They are sooo awesome for it! And no worries on the card. I thought it might be in the box so I was looking all over for it. Funny huh, I bypassed all the gooding and went straight for the letters. I was like, "Where is the birthday card?" LoL...Thank you for all the birthday wishes and keep a look out for my letters. More than one should be on it's way. I love you guys and talk to you again soon. Love you! Talk to you laters.

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