Aug 2, 2010

A Bit of Good News

Monday, August 2, 2010

So a bit of good news. Elder McMaster got an extension on his mission here in the Mt airy area. He will be with us for a couple more weeks which I'm so excited about. I wish i could keep him as my companion for the whole mission. We get along so well and do great as companions teaching and spreading the gospel. We are currently in a threesome. The person taking Elder McMasters place is our third companion. His name is Elder Paine, from Nashville, TN. He's a good elder but nothing like Elder McMaster. I'm interested in how things will work out when Elder McMaster leaves the area.

Our investigators, The Bishops, are still solid and working toward their baptismal date on the 21st of August. I'm really excited to teach them again. We haven't been able to meet with them this whole week because they were out vacationing. We are seeing them tonight though and I can't wait. We also have another family, The Mauermans, another family of three that are very close to being baptised. Dawn's daughter exclaimed in the last lesson we had that she feels so good and wants to get baptised. We were so excited for her but we know that it won't happen if her mother doesn't feel the same. We have to wait a bit on the mother but we know she will be coming around soon.

Other than that I have been doing very well. Adjusting to all the changes and continuing to learn the area and grow spritually. I'm working on trying to work really hard and have been coming home wonderfully exhausted. Unfortunately too exhausted to write letters. So I'll write again next week and will look forward to more great news then!!! Aloha
Elder Jesse James Watson!

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