May 23, 2011

Transfer to Virginia - May 23, 2011

So I have transferred to VIRGINIA!!!!  I'm out in the west again and even closer to the sticks than before! LoL... I absolutely love it here in Berryville.  The people are nice and ...... interesting! Virginia is way beautiful. Very green and lucious (sp?).  My new companions name is Elder Todd Hess.  He is quite awesome!!!  I love him already.  He's a great missionary and he came into the mission field at the same time that Elder Savage did.  According to the Mission Lineage he is my nephew because he was trained by Elder Barlow who was trained by Elder McMaster, my trainer.  Elder McMaster served here in Berryville after leaving Mt. Airy and people are still talking about him.  He is an extraordinary missionary that has Christ in his coutenance that whereever he goes people love him!  Elder McMaster is now serving as an assistant to the President (AP).  He is doing really well.  I am doing soooo much better now that I'm out of Baltimore.  The spirit is flowing through me like crazy.  I didn't realize how hard Baltimore city was until now.  So I'm loving life right now.  It's great to be here in Berryville and can't wait to share the experiences I'll have out here.  I hope you all are doing well.  Please let me know how things are going.  It's getting real hot out here.  Summers are killers up here.  Way more humid than Hawaii!  Oh and the pictures I send before was taken today.  For our P-day we went disc golfing.  It was way fun and I heard we do lots on P-days so I'm looking forward to our next one.  Elder Hess, my companion was the one all the way on the left.  The tall, large in stature, blonde. ;)  He's so awesome!  Anyway, let me know how things are!  I miss and love you all. Take care and God speed!
PS: My new address is: 1104 Conway Street
                                    Winchester, VA 22601

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