May 30, 2011

Memorial day In Berryville - May 30, 2011

Hey everybody!  Today was a wonderful memorial day!  We spent the morning doing our necessary errands and the rest of the afternoon with the Pearsons, a member that used to be in the Berryville ward before their ward split earlier this year.  We celebrated their daughters birthday and played kickball and wiffleball (sp?)  It was loads of fun especially because we got to spend it with some of the elders in the zone.  Today it got to 96 degrees while we were playing and my heat rash it coming back out!  Not fun.   We've, Elder Hess and I, have been sweating so badly its gross.  I'm going through clothes like crazy!  After a nice p-day I'm ready to get to work!  There is just so much people to see and work to do here it's hard for me to get it off my mind.  For instance, I was singing happy birthday to Alyssa Pearson, and after singing I thought of her friend we were teaching and wanted to ask her how things were going with him, if she felt like he was progressing, things she could do to help in the process.  Just all throughout the day people pop into my head.  I love it! 
We'll things are going great in Berryville.  We have been running out of miles each day so we've been riding bikes in the hot hot weather!  It's a killer but I like it!  Gets my legs back in shape and I feel like I'm being really productive!  I don't know why but yeah!  Anyways!  I love you all and I'll talk to you all laters!!!!!

Elder Jesse-James K. F. Watson

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