Jun 6, 2011

Jun 6, 2011

So this past week we were able to have a baptism.  Kayla Budija. She is a 10 yr old girl that my companion and his previous companion have been working with for a while, ans she was able to get baptized by her father, a recent convert.  It was so awesome and her mother, Sister Budija, who converted a long time ago, was so ecstatic to have been able to see her husband get the priesthood and baptize their daughter!  That was the highlight of the week.  We are just trucking along, getting fat from all this wonderful Virginian food!  I love and miss you all!  I didn't get any email love this week! :(  That's okay!  Let me know how thing are going.  Thanks for all the snail mail!!!  Until next week!


Elder Jesse-James K. F. Watson

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