Jul 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Aloha everyone!!
Happy forth of July! I am doing great! I have been wonderfully busy with the work here in the Berryville area.  I will hope to write and send some pictures soon!  Depending if I can make some time. Still trying to balance everything.  So I didn't get to send out a letter last week.  Sorry!  It is a new transfer and Elder Hess, my last companion is now in the Baltimore Stake serving in an area called Winters Run.  He was a very awesome companion.  Second to Elder McMaster!  That's saying a lot.  I am training again.  My new companion is Elder Cragun.  He is from Corona, California.  Very laid back and easy to get along with. I think we are going to make this area go crazy!!!  I can't wait.  Oh, he is 6'6"!  Crazy tall.  From far away he doesn't look it cuz he's very proportionate but when you come up he can be a little intimadating.  I am still a district leader and I have a very young district this go around. 
For July 4th we got together as a zone and played soft ball.  I decided to stay out cuz I wasn't feeling it.  But I had fun nonetheless.  We are going to get out and work now sooooo  I love you all and happy fourth of July!!!
Elder Jesse-James K. F. Watson

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