Nov 28, 2011

Guess What? Nov 28, 2011

So this week......I'm still tired!   hehe  We had another great week and continue to see our Heavenly Father bless us.  We are seeing miracles in the Maryland Baltimore Mission.  We are going to achieve a record this mission has never seen before.  It's pretty exciting.  As President Belliston likes to say, we are going to make this christmas a white christmas...also a wet one.  We have beautiful weather again today, warm and clear sunny skies.  What a blessing.  We have another baptism this saturday, Adam Antonelli.  A bright young man, 25, that pretty much walked into the baptism font the day we met him. It's been really cool to see our most recent converts, Patrick and Bintu, prepare to enter into the temple to do work for their family members who have passed, especially their daughter who was killed in Sierra Leone during the civil war there.  Patrick lost his mother to some robbers that broke into her home and took her life.  But they are so happy to know that they can not be a family forever!
Good stuff going on but unfortunately i have to run.  I love you all and will talk to you all next week!  Happy Holidays and Happy Birthdays to all the birthday peeps!
Elder Watson

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