Jun 17, 2010

3 Week in the MTC!

Some exciting updates from Elder Watson! He has been called to be a district leader for his final week in the MTC. He says, "It's a daunting responsibility but I've felt the Lords guidance each time I prayerfully make decisions. I love each and every elder in my district and zone."

There are 10 Elders in Jesse's district with 8 going to Baltimore with him and 2 going to Hawaii! This week Elder Watson got to hear Elder Robert D Hales of the quorum of the 12 Apostles speak. Jesse said, "I really felt his power and authority when he challenged us."

Elder Watson has enjoyed his time at the MTC and will be departing for Baltimore Maryland on June 15th. Speaking of his time so far he wrote, "Well my exp

erience here is just amazing! I'm learning and gro

wing so much spiritually! I feel and can recogn

ize the spirit more easily! I'm soo happy to b

e doing the Lords work!"

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