Jun 17, 2010

Elder Watson in the Missionary Training Center

Here is an email we received from Jesse soon after he arrived at the Missionary Training Center:

"Hey Mom and Dad! Just wanna let you know that I'm here which of course you already know since you dropped me off. But everything is great. Everyone is great. I'm loving it and am really excited. As soon as we got in, they put us right to work learning things and I've already learned alot. Love you and I'll send another letter next week or so. We can only write once a week!. Alright. Love you guys and talk to you soon!"

Just wanted to share that with you! It was amazing seeing all the new missionaries being dropped off at the curb side that day. Yes, it is different now. You can't go into the building with them but we spent 10 fun filled days with him prior to the day he reported to the MTC buying his suit, shoes, etc and attending the Temple with him and Cody. Thank you for being there for him and all that you do for him....will keep you posted!

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