Oct 18, 2010

Keeping the Faith

Monday, October 18, 2010
I am doing just fine and healthy as can be. I've had a bad headache the past few days but contribute it to the changing of the seasons and weather! It's getting really cold out here but I've been staying pretty warm. I do need to obtain a weather coat soon. I believe I have enough money in my personal account. I'm not too sure. The ward is feeding me well. I'm still skinny but slowing gaining pounds. We've been riding bike a lot as well so I'm gaining leg muscles for sure.

So I had a pretty cool experience last night. A family in our ward, the Pallays, called us last night because Laura had a bad migraine and felt she needed a blessing. Whenever we have the opportunity to give blessings I am willing to assist but always so nervous that I would be asked to give the blessing. Most times I feel that I won't be able to say the right things and stuff like that. Well, sure enough I was asked to seal the anointing and give the blessing. I started the prayer then went totally blank. I was upset for a little while and told myself to get over it and pay attention to the thoughts that will come into my mind. I relaxed and listened and then i started to talk. To my suprise I began to know what to say, what to bless her with, and when i stopped receiving thoughts I ended the prayer. After I ended I just thought, oh boy, what did I just do. I hoped everything I said would come true. I realized that the blessing would work if they had enough faith which I'm sure they did. But I wanted a guarantee that it would work so I decided to add my faith as well. A few minutes after the prayer her migrains started to get worse. She grabbed her head and started to moan but I knew that she would be fine. A few minutes after that, she looked up and said, "It's gone!" We turned the lights back on and you could see that she was no longer bothered by her migraine. I was so happy that the Lord allowed her to be healed right then and there. She said, she knew that it would go away because it always works. I know that it was because of her and her mother's faith. I had to really try hard to keep up my faith but this experience has strengthen my faith and testimony in priesthood blessings.
Thats pretty much all for the week. I'll write to you again soon with more stories and experieces. I love you all and hope you continue to be blessed. Take care and tell everyone I love them. Talk to you again soon!

Aloha, Elder Watson

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