Oct 11, 2010

Small and Simple Things

Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been have small but great experiences here. Here is a simple yet small one I'd like to share.
So we decided to knock on this street called Yeagerstown Rd. I had once had a prompting to knock this road, but after driving through it became unsure and decided not to. Not too long ago Elder McMaster called and said he "received revelation" that we should knock on Yeagerstown Rd. He said he had many prompting to knock there when he used to be in our area but never followed them and that we should go. So we made the decision to do so and did get much success.....in the beginning. Towards the end of knocking that street we went to this house where there were three kids playing outside. We talked with the kids for a bit, a boy about 4 years and a girl about 6 years, and the boy decided to go in and "summon" his parents. He eventually came back out and mumbled something we couldn't understand. So his older sister left to go see if she could get her parents to come out. She came out and said, "they want to know what your selling?". Then soon after their father came storming out the door saying," We don't want what your selling, I'll take a pamphlet, but other than that we don't want anything. You can leave!" Then walked right back into the house. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't angry. I just accepted it and went on to the next house. As we were leaving I waved to the kids and said "Goodbye!". The girl, Deanna was her name, said bye and watched us go. Then all the sudden she yells, "Wait!". She runs back up to us and says, "Give me a book." I was soo confused at what she was asking but I felt the spirit prompt me to just give her a copy of the Book of Mormon. Now, normally I wouldn't have given it to her because I knew she couldn't read and i didn't want her to waste a perfectly good copy of the book of Mormon. But the prompting to give her the book was soooo strong I acted with no hesitation. She said thank you and walked under a shady tree and started to look through it, upside down might I add. hehe. I slowly walked away thinking, "Why did I give her the book? Why did she ask me for it? What should I do now?" I quickly said a prayer in my heart seeking for guidance on what I should do next: If I should go back and try again? If I should teach those little kids? But the revelation I came away with was that that was sufficient enough for the Lord to work on their hearts. How long will it be until they are ready to receive the gospel? I have no idea. But those kids were the cutest things and I can't wait until they are baptized, whenever that will be. I know the Lord has something good in store for them and I have a feeling I wont find out until I leave this life but I am positive that the Lord was there that day watching over that family, prompting that little girl to ask for something she knew nothing about.
I love the Lord and the small and simple things he used to lift our spirits up and strengthen our faith in him. He is soooooo Awesome. I love his gospel, I love his work. I love his people and his gospel. I love you all! Please continue to stay strong and close to the gospel. And thank you all in advance for your letters. Take care and keep in touch. I will touch base again next week.
A hui hou,
Elder watson

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